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Why I hate him so much and think that he deserves nothing good

Simply put, he's a jerk. To elaborate on that, he's a big jerk to me. I mean, you think he's clever? He got all his jokes from ME! We used to hang out back in junior high. He was a total loser then (like THAT'S changed!), and I took him under my wing. First he's using my jokes and copying my homework. Next thing I know, he's stealing my work! Everything he's "written" he's gotten from me. ME. I don't know how he gets my stuff exactly, but he finds a way. He must have spies everywhere. Did i mention he's disgustingly rich? Well he's disgustingly rich. That whole "poor kid" act is just that, an act. He has millions in the bank and acts like he can't afford to super-size. Oh man, it's getting me mad just thinking about it.

Georg in his usual drunken stupor. What a tool this guy is.