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News Flash!
Georg is a Jerk!

Ever wonder what happens when you skip jury duty?

Looks like Georg got selected for jury duty. He's scheduled to perform his civic duty on Wednesday July 30th. Or at least he would if someone hadn't snuck onto his complex and stolen his mail. It also looks like Mr. Pedersen's AAA membership is about to expire. Someone should let him know. OH WELL!

Whatever, he can afford gold teeth

Word has it that Georg just got back from the dentist and and AT LEAST twelve cavities. Doesn't this guy brush his teeth? Inside sources (i.e. my friend Linda the hygenist) report that Georg flew into a rage when the dentist told him. Like, flipping stuff over and sticking the D.M.D's head into that little spit sink. Hey that's what you get when you gargle with gin & tonics.

Hey, Georg: why are you drawing all over yourself?